How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make?

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How much does a bookkeeper make?

The job of a bookkeeper is a handsomely paid and it has been found that in most of the cases there is not much difference between the earnings of a freelancer bookkeeper and a full time employee. As the job of a bookkeeper involves great amount of dedication and commitment, the employers usually do not worry much if they have to pay a reliable and experienced bookkeeper a bit more than others. Most of the freelancer bookkeepers are charging $14 to $20 for an hour on an average, excluding the various overhead charges that in most of the cases take this whole amount to be $30 to $50.

There are many bookkeepers who are not in the favor of charging the employers on the hourly basis. The ones who are having these kinds of preferences can provide the employers with a flat rate that they are required to pay in the form of a fixed pay check. The cost of the bookkeeping services also vary in accordance to the duties that are required to be performed, if one has to perform the auditing and tax related jobs also the hourly charges would surely go high. Some other things that can add some more dollars to the salary check of a bookkeeper include the educational qualifications, the experience of working as a bookkeeper and the capacity to manage the finances of the large organizations.

The candidates who in their bookkeeping job manage other additional responsibilities such as payroll and invoicing tend to charge something in hundreds for a single hour. The overall salary of a bookkeeper includes various different benefits such as medical benefits, the conveyance allowance, social security, overtime hours and much more.

At the end, it can be said that the salary check of a bookkeeper is quite a good one to attract more people into this occupation.

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