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One basic task that a bookkeeper needs to perform is keeping complete record of the income outflow and inflow. It is the responsibility of a bookkeeper to assure that the financial statements are maintained along with the complete paper work so that referring to it in the future becomes easy. There are many people who commit the mistake of considering bookkeeping and accounting as the same thing, but in the real sense bookkeeping can be considered to be a part of the accounting system. Bookkeeping is related to maintaining a complete record of the transactions that have occurred in a business and ensuring that the receipts for them are intact.

The primary tasks performed by the bookkeepers include preparing the documentations, writing entries, compiling the listings, organizing the reports and taking care of the tax related paper work. A bookkeeper has to see that all the operations that include collection or spending of money such as sale and purchase, expenditures go on smoothly. There are many organizations that ask the bookkeepers to maintain a record of the employee wages and loans also. Another task that a bookkeeper needs to perform is noting down the assets and the liabilities so that at the end of the fiscal year the calculations can be performed easily.

Organizing reports is one of the most crucial tasks that a bookkeeper needs to perform.

This part of the responsibility includes updating the accounts documents on monthly or annual basis and updating the inventory related records. Checking and rechecking of the financial reports is also a part of a bookkeeper’s duties but there are many companies that prefer to hire a different professional for this. At the end, it can be said that most of the basic bookkeeper tasks involve record maintenance and updating.

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