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Basic Bookkeeper Resume overview:

Bookkeeping has become an excellent career option for those who are good with numbers and want to make a career in accounts specifically. Bookkeeping being an integral component of accountancy, promises to have various interesting career opportunities for both new and experienced professionals.

Just like the any other job, the job of a bookkeeper also requires you to have a professional but basic bookkeeper resume written in a precise and descriptive manner. As the job of a bookkeeper requires lots of responsibilities, the candidates need to ensure that the resume contains correct information presented in an impressive way.

This is the first chance to impress your prospective employer so you want it to be memorable!

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Instructions to Write a Professional Bookkeeper Resume

When writing your basic bookkeeper resume you need to keep some important things in mind:

  • The body of the resume should contain bullets with short and concise sentences as lengthy paragraphs might distract the person who is looking at the resume.
  • You need to highlight your strengths and present only the information in front of the employer that seems important and relevant.
  • You need to showcase that you have the ability to perform all the requirements of the bookkeeping job.
  • You always needs to emphasise on the things that you can do for the organisation and not the things that you expect from the company.
  • Your contact information is a must have and should not be missed.

AND please - No spelling mistakes!! This is the kiss of death especially when applying for a role like bookkeeping that requires absolute attention to detail!

Apart from the above points, you need to focus on the skills that you have which are ideal for the job of a bookkeeper. This could be work or life experience. If this is an individual role you also need to include the following:

  • You need to include evidence that you have the ability to audit various bookkeeping documents.
  • You should also write about your ability to prepare financial statements, manual records, ledgers, reconciling the bank statements and preparing the payments for crediting the various accounts.
  • That you have the ability to post the financial entries and to identify transactional discrepancies.
  • Another important thing that you should mention and outline is your experience working in bookkeeping software.
  • You should also outline in your resume, the certifications that you have acquired.
  • Detail also your mathematical calculations skills, problem solving skills and the ability to prepare the tax related documentation.

You need to make sure that in the areas where your skills, aptitude, past experience and the certifications are mentioned are well spaced as it is may get overlooked if it is mixed up.

If you as the bookkeeper have the ability to perform the duties of an accountant or a clerk than this needs to be mentioned in the resume at the end and also in the cover letter to grab the attention of the interviewer. You should also include information about your time management skills,, but this needs to be kept short.

If all the required information is incorporated in your bookkeeper resume in a professional manner, the chances of youngetting the job are much higher.

A great resume for basic bookkeeping is one that concentrates on your bookkeeping skills, highlights your bookkeeping certifications and keeps boasting to a minimum.

Just state the facts and apply for the next job vacancy.

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About the Author: Tammy Love has been working as a bookkeeper for businesses and in her own bookkeeping business for over 14 years. She is now an accredited Bookkeeping Trainer delivering training in the classroom, RPL as well as by correspondence and online.

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